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Month old N.O:1 rebranded with the rest of Explicit Nutrition’s supplements

Explicit Nutrition rebrand all three of their supplements

It hasn’t been that long since Explicit Nutrition unveiled and launched their pre-workout supplement N.O:1, but they have already made a few changes to it. The brand have unfortunately not done anything to the product’s formula, leaving it with it’s rather upsetting dose of agmatine sulfate at 25mg. The change has actually been made to N.O:1’s look, seeing an entirely new label theme takeover the barely month old supplement. Explicit haven’t stopped at just their pre-workout, as the fat burner Thermolyze and original muscle builder TestoTurbo X3 have also got the treatment, seeing them lose their more complex designs too. The brand have replaced the old with a new linear driven theme, welcoming in different fonts, layout of information, and variety of colors. Explicit have of course held on to their signature black and yellow, although each product now has a uniquely colored title. N.O:1 being red, Thermolyze orange, and TestoTurbo blue. The makeovers won’t obviously be affecting the formulas, just a new look for fans to get familiar with.

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