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Explicit open up pre-ordering for new pre-workout, N.O:1 transparently dosed but with 25mg of agmatine sulfate

Explicit Nutrition now taking pre-orders for their new pre-workout N.O:1

Today Explicit Nutrition have officially taken their range from a total of two supplements to three, with their pre-workout N.O:1. Initially we only heard about the brand’s interest in the pre-workout category, then read some mentions, then finally got a few teasers for pre-ordering. Explicit have now uploaded NO1 to their website opening up pre-ordering for the supplement, as well as revealing it’s contents. Based on pictures and highlights we actually originally expected the brand to go with a heavy scooped performance based pre-workout. As it turns out Explicit’s NO1 is in fact a fairly concentrated formula with a serving size of 4.67g. Squeezed into that sub 5g serving the brand have gone with highlights such as 75mg of eleuthero root, 325mg of caffeine and 400mg of theobromine. While it is easy to pick out some of our favorites, there are a few concerning ingredients in there such as 1.5g of beta-alanine and 25mg of agmatine sulfate, which we usually see at 3.2g and 500 to 1,000mg. For a complete look at the latest from Explicit, NO1’s transparently dosed facts panel can be seen below. Or if you just want to go straight through to pre-ordering, the brand’s website is the place to go where you can secure a 30 serving fruit punch tub for $29.95.

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