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Spring Collection brings 12 new bags, Fitmark pre-order launch reveals competitive pricing

Fitmark open up pre-ordering for their new 2014 Spring Collection

While it may be the backend of the month, Fitmark have opened up pre-ordering for their new 2014 Spring Collection as promised here in April. The launch has brought a wide range of products to the innovative company’s now redesigned website, as well as re-categorize past, updated, and new bags. In total Fitmark are currently listing 20 different designs (12 new) with the usuals such as the Class and Velocity Backpacks. 2014 editions of a number of items including the Freestyle Messenger and Namaste Tote, and of course all the previously previewed products. The Competitor, Contender and Endurance Backpacks, and the Box SM, Transporter Duffel and Transporter Backpack meal management systems. To make the pre-order availability even more exciting Fitmark’s prices have turned out to be extremely competitive. The brand do still have their creative ability and high end reputation, however not one of their 2014 releases is over $100. Some of them definitely come close, with our favorite the Transporter Duffel just under $99.99. But even with bags that border on the triple digit mark, value still appears to be a major factor. If you are interested in checking out or even securing yourself any of the new items. Head on over to the Fitmark’s website where you will also see their latest athlete, Flex Lewis

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