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Controversial brand comes through with launch, Gear’s Olympia set now at the Vitamin Shoppe

Gear finally launched their original three supplements Pre, E and Maxx Shock

While our last post on Gear Nutraceuticals wasn’t exactly the most promising piece, as we went over why the brand had us concerned about them never releasing any supplements. Gear have in fact come through with their launch of the three products they promised more than half a year ago, Pre Shock, E-Shock, and Maxx Shock. Whether you believe it or not, you can see it for yourself as Gear can now be found at the Vitamin Shoppe. They are officially listed in their own brand section, with Pre and E-Shock at $37.99, and Maxx Shock at $39.99. If you are interested in a little more detail, the arrival of the three supplements has of course brought all their facts panel to light, which can also be found at the Vitamin Shoppe. While we aren’t prepared to invest almost $40 on any of the Gear products. Now that the brand have some availability, it shouldn’t be long before other stores get a hold of their supplements, hopefully bringing some better prices.

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