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STIMaholic takes the award for best title, Genomyx reveal their next pre-workout release

Genomyx preview their upcoming pre-workout STIMaholic

Over the past few weeks Genomyx have been dropping hints about some of their upcoming products, with the tease of a weight loss supplement, which was later confirmed as Phenadrol. And an untitled pump pre-workout the brand openly asked fans for input on. Genomyx have now revealed a third coming soon formula, something that has come right out of left field, a stimulant based pre-workout named STIMaholic. The brand have said very little about the well titled product outside of it’s name, listing three effects, extreme energy, no crash, and mental focus. All of which you would expect from a supplement called STIMaholic. The only other detail we have is what appears to be a 136g tub weight, working out to be a 3.88g serving based on the product’s 35 serving bottle. There is unfortunately no word on when we will be seeing the over the top titled pre-workout on shelves, in sample sachets, or in another update. However keep in mind Genomyx do have Phenadrol on it’s way, a fat burner expected to arrive sometime later this month.

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