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Infinite One line available outside of direct, Infinite Lab’s make your blend series spreading

Infinite Labs Infinite One series showing up outside direct store

Infinite Lab’s new individual ingredient ‘make your own blend’ line may still be sitting with 18 of it’s 23 supplements previewed, on the brand’s official website. However the straightforward Infinite One collection is now beginning to show up outside Infinite’s direct store. The recent development not only confirms that the basic series is not exclusive to Infinite Lab’s website. But also that the direct prices aren’t the best available, with Infinite One values in retailers seen to be a few bucks cheaper. Currently no store is listing the 18 products Infinite are, so while direct from the brand may not be the cheapest option. If you are interested in actually making your own blend and using the line as advertised, Infinite Lab’s do still have the largest range of Infinite One supplements on their website.

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