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Infinite One Series sees three more released, Infinite Lab’s individual line now totaling 24

Infinite Lab's release three more Infinite One Series supplements

Infinite Lab’s Infinite One Series, the individual ingredient supplement line designed to put creativity in the hands of the fans. Launched last week with 15 of it’s previously previewed 23 products. Almost 7 days later the brand have now released three more for the range, leaving Caffeine, Sweet Potato Powder, Vitamin D3, Calcium Ascorbate, unflavored 100% Whey Isolate, and ZMA to come. If you are like us and managed to do some quick calculation, you would have figured out 6 + 18 totals 24 supplements, not 23. The reason the number is one higher is due to the addition of Vitamin C, something that wasn’t in Infinite Lab’s initial Infinite One listing but has been launched. Despite the introduction of the three individuals, as well as the increase in the line’s total amount of products. The ‘create your own blend’ collection is still only available from Infinite’s official website, with no sign of any of the supplements hitting shelves outside the direct store.

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