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Infinite One series launched direct, Infinite Labs upload 15 out of 23 individuals

Infinite Labs launch 15 supplements in their new Infinite One line

Infinite Lab’s previously previewed Infinite One individual series. Put together to give supplement fans the opportunity to design their own formulas, has now been released. Of the 23 original products previewed in the announcement of the Infinite One line, 15 have been uploaded to Infinite’s official store. To get a good idea of what you’d be looking at paying for one of the brand’s pure supplements. 120g of isoleucine has been valued at $14.99, 120g of beta-alanine at $16.99, 96g of green coffee bean at $20.99, 72g of fenugreek at $20.99, and 120g of citrulline at $16.99. If you would like to check out all 15 of the products launched in Infinite Lab’s latest line, head on over to their website. Which for now appears to be the only place stocking the range.

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