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Review of the protein treat Magic Pudding, Body Nutrition’s latest as magical as it’s title

Review of Body Nutrition's once TruNutrition Magic Pudding

Sometimes it takes a couple tries here and there, or even extensive use to figure out just how effective a supplement is. Alternatively some products let you know how good they are right from the first bite. This is the case for Body Nutrition previously TruNutrition Sciences, and their recent release Magic Pudding. According to the brand they had been working on the formula for quite some time, which was officially launched mid March through Body’s rebranded website. The supplement did eventually find it’s way into stockists a few weeks later. Giving us the opportunity to grab the protein pudding, and find out if the brand’s hard work paid off.

Body direct Magic Pudding users to mix up two scoops which offers 28g of protein, 13g of carbohydrates (4g sugar), 2g of fat (1g saturated), with a very reasonable total of 170 calories. Per two scoop serving it is suggested you throw in 6oz of water, however that is not a set measurement. We actually preferred 4oz per serving, or around 8oz for three servings, giving the product what we felt to be more of a pudding consistency. Regardless of what water to powder ratio you go with, once all the ingredients are in your bowl. Mix it together with a spoon or any other stirring type tool to transform the two elements into as the supplement’s title states, Magic Pudding. If you do follow the directions word for word, Body do say to mix the concoction for around 30 seconds. Although you are going to get your end result in about 10 seconds, you just spend the next 20 scooping it all down from the sides.

While the simple combination of powder and water morphing into pudding is quite magical. The product’s more magical part is without a doubt it’s incredible taste. We of course grabbed the chocolate variant of Magic Pudding, which in our opinion is the closest thing to a chocolate pudding or mousse you are going to find high in protein. It definitely depends on how much water you through in, and how thick you want your treat to be. But for us, it was at the point where you pulled out a spoonful, and when turned on it’s side it took a few second before slowly falling off. At that level of consistency you will find it hard to believe you are eating something with less calories per gram of protein than BSN’s Syntha-6, and under 15 calories more than Muscle Pharm’s Combat (banana cream) served with 28g of protein. Magic Pudding’s unforgettable thickness mixed with it’s rich chocolate flavoring will send you back to read the protein’s facts panel. Only to realize that the supplement is the real deal, and that Body Nutrition have raised the bar for healthy nutritious snacks and treats.

Review of Body Nutrition's once TruNutrition Magic Pudding

Unfortunately, there is one bad thing we have to say about Body’s Magic Pudding. This isn’t taking anything away from the taste and quality of the product. However it was our third serving into the supplement and we noticed a small white thing in the powder. We initially wrote it off, then later when eating the high protein mixture we saw it again and discovered that it was actually a stone. The lost white piece isn’t exactly small, roughly around the size of about five grains of rice. It didn’t bother us too much, as once removed we dug right back in. It’s just not something you expect to see in any kind of nutrition product.

All in all Magic Pudding is a great supplement. Aside from the odd stone, which we do feel is probably a one off thing. Body’s unique protein powder is definitely in a league of it’s own. It’s form easily amplifies it’s taste, and helps deliver it’s intended pudding experience. As you would expect the product does come with a price a bit above what you would pay for your more average protein formula. However it is well worth investing in for the occasional treat, with 25 servings per tub and an average cost of a little over $30.

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