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Details on the clear leaner Prime protein bar, MET-Rx latest product showing up everywhere

MET-Rx Tought Mudder promoting Prime protein bar detailed

MET-Rx’s Tough Mudder promoting Prime protein bar may be around a month or so old, however only over the past few weeks have details on the supplement leaked in. The product features the basic nutrition values of a high protein snack with 20g of protein listing whey and milk protein isolate as sources. 29g of carbohydrates (12g fiber, 11g sugar), 4.5g of fat (1.5g saturated), with a total of 200 to 210 calories. On top of the usual details MET-Rx have attempted to separate Prime from your average protein bar. By packing the supplement with a few additional extras such as 400mg of flaxseed omega 3s, gluten free and no sugar alcohols, colors, artificial flavors or sweeteners. If those highlights didn’t do it for you Prime does come in three delicious looking flavors, chocolate brownie, peanut butter banana and strawberries and cream. Most MET-Rx retailers do already have the Tough Mudder bar in stock, with boxes of six costing you just over $10.

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