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Machine Fuel goes 25 more to 120 servings, MTS intra-workout supersized once again

MTS Nutrition release a 120 serving Machine Fuel

Back in February Marc Lobliner made his intra-workout formula Machine Fuel a lot more cost effective with a huge 95 serving tub. The second volume for the MTS supplement more than tripled the original 30 serving bottle, making it’s price per serving roughly 30% cheaper. Machine Fuel has now got a third size available for the same price

as the previously largest variant, however the latest addition packs a total of 120 servings. 25 more than the February release, and four times the regular tub. As mentioned the new supersize Machine Fuel has been valued the same as the 95 serving, working out overall to be more than 45% cheaper than the 30 serving. The place to get the bonus bottle is Tiger Fitness, with the one downside being that it has only one flavor on offer, watermelon.

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