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Supersized 95 serving Machine Fuel, latest MTS Nutrition addition goes for value

MTS Nutrition introduces a new size for the intra-workout Machine Fuel

Marc Lobliner’s MTS Nutrion may have started out small, but it has grown into one of the most popular supplement brands out there. The black and red family of products has now grown by one, with not a new formula, but a new volume of a current one. We have seen big tubs, bonus bottles, and everything in between for intra-workouts and multi-window supplements.

However we have not seen anything anywhere near as upsized as MTS Machine Fuel’s latest addition. The product’s regular volume is a common 30 servings tub, with the second size option just released going more than three times that at 95 servings. As for the value of the monstrous Machine Fuel, it does save you quite a bit, working out to be a litter over 30% cheaper per serving. Like every other new supplement or variant from MTS Nutrition, the item has been launched through Lobliner’s store Tiger Fitness, with a price tag of $49.99.

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