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MTS Whey gets a fourth flavor following cookies, Lobliner puts a spin on a classic with peanut butter fluff

MTS Nutrition add a fourth flavor to MTS Whey with peanut butter fluff

The last time we saw Marc Lobliner adding to our Protein Wars runner-up, MTS Nutrition Whey. The popular protein powder’s menu of chocolate and vanilla was joined by gourmet cookies & cream. The supplement has now had another taste confirmed, with Lobliner announcing peanut butter fluff as the next MTS Whey sensation. Like the cookies variant, the product’s fourth flavor also has an additional word in it’s title. Suggesting that the MTS peanut butter recipe is a bit more than your average peanut butter protein. Fortunately with the reveal of the latest MTS Whey taste, has come an expected launch time of two weeks away, putting it’s release in the week of April 28th. If you are looking to get a hold of peanut butter fluff as soon as it lands, keep a close eye on the original MTS Nutrition store Tiger Fitness.

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