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Sneak peek at Rhino Revolution 2.0, Muscle Sport’s sequel supplement coming May 9th

Sneak peek at Muscle Sport's upcoming Rhino Revolution 2.0

Muscle Sport International recently confirmed the coming of an updated edition of their pre-workout supplement Rhino Revolution. In the announcement the brand released almost no information about the product. Just that it will be featuring an ingredient rarely seen, and one that will play a major role in the performance of the pre-workout. While we have still yet to get any sort of look at the formula behind Rhino Revolution 2.0, Muscle Sport have uploaded a slightly shaded preview image of the supplement. On top of half the product’s title and sequel number. In the sneak peek you can see a fraction of it’s branding, that does actually appear to be quite a way off what we are used to seeing from Muscle Sport. A complete image of the supplement will of course confirm, but the preview does suggest an entirely new theme, something that may or may not be exclusive to Rhino 2.0. To round out the update there is one final piece of news that has come with the sneak peek, and that is an official launch date. Which puts Rhino 2.0 either on shelves or available from Muscle Sport, on Friday the 9th of May.

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