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Turbo Ripper follows on from Beef Protein duo, Scitec introduce their fans to another fat burner

Scitec Nutrition's new weight loss supplement Turbo Ripper

While in reality it may have only been a few weeks. On the calender of Scitec Nutrition it has been quite some time since we saw anything new from the European based brand. To make up for the many quiet weeks, Scitec have just released their new weight loss supplement Turbo Ripper. According to the company, Turbo Ripper is a well dosed combination of all your common fat burning features packed into one product. In total the supplement lists six different ingredients with acetyl l-carnitine, citrus aurantium, green tea, tyrosine, cayenne pepper, and the trademarked complex NewCaff. Which is made up of regular and microencapsulated sustained release ca ffeine. To further promote Turbo Ripper and the whole idea behind the product, Scitec have produced the supplement in two sizes, a 25 serving 100 capsule and a very cost effective 50 serving 200 capsule. We don’t have any details on price for either of the Turbo Ripper volumes just yet, however they have been made available and should be in stores soon.

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