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Beta Nitro preview followed by Neuro 8, SNI looking to launch two pre-workouts

SNI reveal their pre-workout supplement Neuro 8

The company that last week basically came back to life with the reveal of their first product in a very long time, have now followed up on their promise of more new supplements. SNI’s Hardcore Series Beta Nitro a presumed pre-workout, has been joined by Neuro 8, an official pre-workout. Despite the fact that we are left wondering just how much of an energizing formula Beta Nitro is, if Neuro 8 is destined for the same category. What’s equally as interesting is Neuro 8’s appearance, as it features a look very different to that of any other SNI product, separating itself from the rest. To add to the news, unlike last week’s unveiling the brand have released the facts panel for their latest preview. Confirming Neuro 8 as a simple five ingredient transparently dosed formula made up of l-arginine ethyl ester 2g, beta-alanine at 2g, n-acetyl l-tyrosine at 800mg, creatine HCl at 750mg and caffeine at 300mg. There is no word on when Neuro 8 will be launched, although based on the workings of SNI’s website and past releases. It may be best to just keep an eye out at stockists as it might just show up one day.

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