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VPX back with another premixed fat burner, Liquid Clen set to replace Clenbutrx Hardcore

VPX reveal and detail their Clenbutrx replacement Liquid Clen

VPX fans may remember the weight loss supplement Liquid Clenbutrx Hardcore, most notably due to it being a part of the DMAA era. Fans may also have noticed that the premixed formula has been dropped from most if not all shelves, with so far nothing put in it’s place. VPX stockists are now due to get their Liquid Clenbutrx replacement, a product simply titled Liquid Clen. Compared to it’s predecessor the updated supplement is somewhat of a new formula, as six of it’s nine ingredients have been carried over from Cenbutrx. With the three new features being evodiamine, theacrine and the currently trending 4-amino-2-methylpentane citrate, more commonly labeled as AMP Citrate. At the moment there doesn’t appear to be any VPX retailers listing Liquid Clen. Although it’s not the only product on the way from the brand, as the Arnold previewed Redline Incinerator is also still waiting in the wings.

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