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American Muscle reformulate and retheme, updated Premium Series Whey coming soon

American Muscle reformulate their protein powder Premium Whey

If you can remember back to early last year when we were introducing the now well established American Muscle. The brand were looking at adding two more supplements to their Premium protein powder series with the meal replacement Premium MRP, and the weight gainer Premium Mass. While those two additions are still in development, American Muscle have confirmed the coming of an update to their flagship protein powder Premium Whey. Not only will the product be getting an entirely new theme, one that will eventually be carried over to Premium MRP and Mass. But the brand have also updated the supplement’s formula, giving it from what we know a mix of 60% isolate and 40% whey concentrate. As well as 500mg of coconut water per serving with a calorie count of 110. Nothing outside of those few details has been released, however we do all have to join together and applaud the brand for their loud and proud ‘Absolutely No Amino Spiking’ badge. Seeing American Muscle both take a stand against the issue, and make an effort in spreading awareness.

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