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Premium Whey as spike free as promoted, American Muscle’s updated protein detailed

Nutrition details for American Muscle's updated Premium Whey

Last week we saw American Muscle reveal an updated version of their mainstream protein powder, Premium Whey. Initially the supplement was previewed in black, then the following day in white, the base color the brand eventually decided to go with. American Muscle have now passed on the final piece of the puzzle, the product’s facts panel, further confirming just how straightforward the protein powder truly is. Based on the cinnabomb variant Premium Whey features 23g of protein, 3g carbohydrates (1g fiber, 1g sugar), 1g of fat (zero saturated), and 110 calories per 30g scoop. In the other ingredients section the supplement lists whey isolate (60%), whey concentrate (40%), the highlighted 2.5g of coconut water or 5g per two scoops, and as promised no aminos whatsoever. Unfortunately there is one catch with American Muscle’s Premium Whey, and that is we are going to have to wait quite some time for it to arrive. The brand have lined up the product for release somewhere between August and September, putting it right around the time of the Olympia.

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