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First Innovation Series supplement previewed, Applied name and categorize upcoming NOVate

Applied Nutriceuticals preview the Innovation Series formula NOVate pre-workout

It was only just recently that we got wind of Applied Nutriceuticals upcoming Innovation Series. A line of supplements expected to be somewhat of an opposite to their more basic individual Pure Series. As it turns out the brand have made their first mention of the range with the preview of a product listing the title NOVate Pre-Workout. While the tease more than confirms a name and category for the first release, or one of the supplements from the new collection. It also gives us a good idea of the direction the brand are looking to go in with the Innovation Series. Assuming NOVate is going to be a full blown pre-workout, we suspect the rest of the line is going to follow suit in other major categories, with things like muscle builders, fat burners and amino acid formulas. Unfortunately if the App Nut story does play out that way, it leaves us with one big lingering question, and that is what happens to the rest of the brand’s products? The no series supplements will definitely look a bit odd without any connection to a collection, more so if App Nut crosses over into areas they’re already competing in. At this point we may be digging too far into things, as more information is likely to surface at a later date. So for now we’ll leave it there with the one confirmed Applied Nutriceuticals Innovation Series product, NOVate Pre-Workout.

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