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2nd alternatively themed App Nut individual, basic ZMA officially titled Zn-Mag-Alpha

Applied Nutricetucals preview their latest Pure Series supplement Zn-Mag-Alpha

Previously promised by Applied Nutriceutical’s for their relatively new Pure Series was a ZMA formula. The supplement was mentioned early on in the line’s gradual launch, however only now has it surfaced just under a week after the alternatively themed Yohimbine HCl hit shelves. It may not come as a surprise or at least it hasn’t to us,

but the latest individual has arrived with branding identical to that of the aforementioned Yohimbine. With that said, the name of the product is a lot more surprising, as instead of something simple like ZMA, App Nut have gone with Zn-Mag-Alpha. Despite having no facts panel available yet, the supplement’s label does say 490mg per serving which for us suggests a ZMA breakdown of 450mg magnesium, 30mg zinc and 10mg vitamin B6. Unfortunately until Zn-Mag-Alpha is released, we can’t confirm anything, especially in the area of contents. Although seeing as Yohimbine and the other five moved out pretty quick, App Nut’s ZMA shouldn’t be too far away.

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