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No more repeat Guerrilla edition AdreNOlyns, Black Market back to being creative in June

Black Market Lab's innovative guerrilla editions back for June

Over the past three months Black Market Labs have been going with past releases for their monthly guerrilla edition AdreNOlyns. Seeing the return of July 2013’s tiger’s blood in March, November’s orange creamsicle in April, and September’s dragonfruit this past week for May. Our favorite underground brand have now passed on word that the most recent limited edition dragonfruit, will indeed be the last repeat AdreNOlyn. While we were a little worried, thinking Black Market’s creativity may have been wearing thin. It is definitely exciting knowing that it will be all back to normal for guerrilla number 18 next month. As always the special edition item will be available on the fourth Monday of each month, which should put it online June 23rd.

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