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Blue Star’s latest sees loss of Extreme Rush, new pre-workout Power Pump Kick or PPK

Blue Star Nutraceuticals introduce PPK, the Extreme Rush successor

Blue Star Nutraceuticals have just launched their new Legacy Series pre-workout supplement, P.P.K. Previously the brand’s best energy effort was Extreme Rush, however that appears to have been removed from their online list of products with the arrival of Power Pump Kick (PPK). While the two formula’s names are significantly different, as well as their tub and scoop sizes. Blue Star haven’t drifted too far from the formula of Extreme Rush with their new pre-workout. Blue Star have essentially trimmed down the contents of PPK’s somewhat predecessor. Simplifying it to three proprietary blends, swapping out citrulline, beet root powder, cinnamon, betaine anhydrous, taurine, gamma-butyrobetaine ethyl ester and the trademarked AstraGin. For a few modern features, glycerol, creatine-orotate and higenamine. The 12g of carbohydrates has also been removed going from Extreme Rush to PPK, which is the main reason why the new supplement’s serving is half the old’s. If for some reason you’re not ready to let go of Blue Star’s Extreme Rush, some stockists are still listing it. Although if you visit the brand direct they have it as all out, with PPK available and ready to order.

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