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Mystery four coming this summer, Body Fortress tease their latest through silhouettes

Body Fortress asking fans what their mystery Walmart supplements may be

Body Fortress, the supplement company behind products such as Super Advanced Whey Protein and Super NOS Blast, are currently teasing a handful of supplements due to hit Walmart sometime soon. They are all being previewed as question marked silhouettes, prompting fans to take a stab at what the four formulas might be. While our guess is as good as yours, we feel the products could be very simple supplements with individuals or common ingredients. Or if Body Fortress are wanting to keep up with everyone else, and based on their bottles and currents trends. From left to right we’re going to say amino, protein, pre-workout, protein. As mentioned our guess is as good as yours, however we should soon find out what the products are all about. With Body Fortress promoting their upcoming availability at Walmart along side a ‘summer 2014’ launch time frame.

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