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Premixed to powder for Cytosport protein, Muscle Milk 100 Calories now in 1.65lb tubs

Cytosport produce a powder version of Muscle Milk 100 Calories

Cytosport fans may be familiar with the brand’s low calorie ready to drink protein solution, the appropriately titled Muscle Milk 100 Calories. The supplement is just as it’s name explains, a 100 calorie premixed protein formula. To expand on the simplified supplement, the brand have created a powder alternative using the exact same title. The product maintains it’s 100 calorie highlight and 15g hit of protein, with the fat and carbohydrates being the only real differences. Seeing a decrease in fat with saturated down by half a gram, and an increase in carbohydrates going up to 9g due to the addition of 4g of fiber. The same two flavors have been carried over from the premixed version, chocolate and vanilla crème. With each tub of Cytosport’s second 100 Calories formula listing 25 servings per 1.65lb tub, and obviously valued a lot better than the RTD’s 24 pack, priced a little under $30.

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