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Introducing Dorian Yates dosed Dynamino, DY Nutrition now at seven with latest effort

Dorian Yates confirms DY Nutrition's seventh supplement Dynamino

Dorian Yate’s internationally popular supplement line, simply titled Dorian Yates Nutrition, or sometimes shortened to DY Nutrition. Has introduced it’s seventh product, fitting right in with one of today’s trending categories. The name of the supplement is Dynamino, an amino based formula presumably usable for all the regular amino windows, despite being promoted as an intra-workout product. While everywhere you are directed to DY’s website for more information, the brand’s online presence features everything but Dynamino. Fortunately it’s details are already out with availability in stores confirming the supplement as a rather heavy formula, with a 11.32g proprietary made up of instantized BCAAs, citrulline malate, glutamine, l-alanyl-l-glutamine, and an electrolyte blend. As far as variants go, Dynamino does appear to have just been produced in the one, 30 serving green apple. Usually we say to go to the brand’s website for more information, although seeing as that is the last thing you will get from DY’s site. You’re better off checking in with your local stockist.

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