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Another basic from the athlete based EPIQ, Mass Gainer makes it a crowd for 100%s

EPIQ's 100% Creatine and Whey joined by Mass Gainer

An image surfaced recently showing off two new, relatively basic supplements from the athlete based brand EPIQ. The all orange company were spotted showing off 100% Creatine and 100% Whey, presumed to be as their titles state, an individual creatine formula and whey protein powder. It turns out the previously pictured duo is in fact a trio, with Mass Gainer being the third wheel in the 100% Creatine and Whey set. Like the other two EPIQ products, almost zero information has been made available for the neatly named Mass Gainer, although there is a good chance the supplement’s name also like the others explains it all. As far as options go we don’t know too much about the creatine, but expect it to be around the 300g mark unflavored. With 100% Whey produced in 2 and 5lb volumes, and Mass Gainer in what looks to be a 10lber and a confirmed 6lb bag. If you do decide to hunting for any of the EPIQ products, you may not find them in the US anywhere as they seem to be international only supplements.

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