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Upcoming Finaflex formula more than it’s title, unflavored Muscle Fiber mixes in glutamine

Preview of Finaflex's upcoming supplement Muscle Fiber

It has been quite some time since we’ve seen anything new from Finaflex, or sometimes still referred to as Redefine Nutrition. The brand are the makers of some well known supplements such as Stimul8, Pure Test and the fat burner PX. They have introduced two others recently Mass 550 and G8, however the item of topic today is their upcoming formula Muscle Fiber. While the product has yet to have it’s facts panel revealed, we can get a lot from it’s label. As per the product’s title Muscle Fiber is indeed a fiber based formula being promoted with an interesting but simple second ingredient, glutamine. Each tub of the conveniently unflavored supplement weighs in at 450g, which with 60 servings in total works out to be 7.5g of serving. As mentioned Finaflex have yet to release the facts panel for their latest, although we feel the label breakdown is going to be somewhere around 5g of fiber with 2.5g glutamine. That is of course just our guess, with confirmation and launch of Muscle Fiber expected to be close as Finaflex are listing it as coming soon.

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