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Transporter Backpack and Duffel now available, Fitmark move two from pre-order to in stock

Fitmark's Transporter Backpack and Transporter Duffel now available

Just over a month ago Fitmark opened up pre-ordering for their highly anticipated 2014 Spring Collection. The launch brought 12 new products to life, with updated items, never before seen bags, and some extremely creative innovations. While the majority of the line is still being listed as coming soon and only available for pre-order. Fitmark have finally switched two of the products to ‘in stock’ status. The first items to officially make the move from pre-order to purchasable are the Transporter Backpack and the Transporter Duffel. Two bags that actually incorporate the Box SM, which is also currently on sale for $29.99. Fitmark have valued both Transporters at $99.99, and produced them in the same three colors, black, red and pink. If you are interested, the place to go is as always the brand’s official website with both bags qualifying for free shipping being over $75.

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