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New click lock lids set to make life easier, Grenade fixing up some packaging issues

Grenade make some changes to their awkward lock lids

One of the things that may get to some Grenade fans from time to time, is the grenade packaged products awkward lid. Back when we reviewed the original Thermo Detonator, as well as with all the other Grenade’s we’ve reviewed since then. The lids to the good looking bottles were, and still are a pain to get off. The directions are rather simple, turn and lift. However every time we turned, there was no lift, and if you put a bit of effort into the lifting of the lid. It becomes a round of pick the capsules with pills going everywhere. As it turns out this problem is something Grenade have been working on and now have a solution. The supplement’s packaged with the difficult lid system are expected to be getting upgraded to a new click lock lid. The updated feature has yet to be seen, although Grenade are instructing a 90 degree turn. A much more secure lock length compared to the bottles we remember, leaving just the ease of lifting off the lid in question.

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