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Lecheek’s upcoming sub-lingual pre-workout, new Stimshot conveniently peppermint flavored

Lecheek Nutrition reveal their next new supplement Stimshot

The last thing we saw from Lecheek Nutrition was their pro-hormone Andro-5A. Since then the fast growing brand have launched the supplement, and now confirmed their next innovation, the peppermint flavored Stimshot. Usually a flavor like that would seem a little odd, however it is somewhat fitting with the directions Lecheek have given for the pre-workout product. Instead of mixing the supplement’s powder with your desired amount of dilution, the brand are looking to get users to throw it under the tongue for sub-lingual administration. There have yet to be any ingredients revealed for Stimshot, but with already a lot of entries in the pre-workout department such as the pump product Pump X3, and the original award winner Speed X3. It will be interesting to see how different the supplement is, as well as how stackable it is with other Lecheek supplements.

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