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MAN’s latest Micro Batch formula now available, unflavored CLA Powder valued a bit above $15

MAN Sports latest Micro Batch individual CLA Powder now available

MAN Sports relatively well teased and third Micro Batch individual CLA Powder. Was revealed and launched exclusively to the brand’s 1%er’s club, just over three weeks ago. The supplement has now started showing up in stores, and despite our expectations of the product being somewhere in the value of the 20s. The unflavored conjugated linoleic acid formula has surfaced with a price a lot closer to Fermented Leucine and Glutamine Peptides than we thought. On MAN’s own website CLA is valued at $29.99, just $5 more expensive than the other two Micro Batch individuals. In retailers that difference is expected to be kept relatively the same, with places listing Leucine and Glutamine under $15. CLA Powder should be set roughly 2 or $3 the other side of 15. At the moment no major MAN stockist appears to have the brand’s latest, although that is likely to change soon as some lesser known stores do already have it.

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