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International Game Day compared to original, MAN’s modified pre-workout put to the test

Review of MAN Sport's international Game Day

Every now and then an unsuspecting brand or supplement comes out with an untouchable performance. This was the case for a number of products out there, some of which are in our top supplement charts. The one that did it better than most was MAN Sport’s heavy hitting Game Day. It is easily one of the best intensity and pump powered pre-workouts, which only just recently spread it’s wings and headed over seas. As with a lot of popular products, Game Day wasn’t exactly fit for sale in areas outside America. The supplement was eventually reformulated, with a few minor changes that had us wondering whether or not the edited formula compared to the original. Fortunately for us MAN were kind enough to send over a tub of the international Game Day, to let us find out first hand how it compares to the top five pre-workout experience.

Just as a quick refresher we feel it’s necessary to go over the highlights of MAN’s US edition Game Day. Basically for us it delivered a unique combination of intensity, energy and pump. There are other pre-workouts out there that do make a case in those three areas. Although none compare to Game Day and it’s almost instant recovery between sets, powerful energy pushing you throughout your workout, and five star pump. That all together, really create an unforgettable performance that will quickly have you addicted.

Moving on to the international Game Day, we initially thought that any changes MAN made to the product were going to weaken it’s effects. Generally supplements that are reformulated for a worldwide audience are lesser versions, with some even going beyond recognition. That being said for a pre-workout as modified as Game Day, MAN have surprisingly managed to carry over a lot the effects that made their energizer’s experience special.

In the area of intensity and pump we have to say Game Day is almost unchanged. The urge to want to pick up the weight immediately after you’ve put it down, is still there. It also doesn’t have you out of breath or pushing yourself beyond exhaustion. Giving you that same desire and drive to keep going set after set, which coupled with the pump. Has you moving through your workout with a clear focus and connection to your muscles, guiding you to the point of unbearable pain and comfortably doing a few more reps. We did say the edited Game Day it is almost unchanged, and while it does have an extremely similar combination of intensity and pump working off one another. It’s level of power in those two areas is roughly one step down. The two effects are without a doubt standouts in the product, however they don’t have as much force or hit compared to the original. The best way to describe the experience would be like having a 3/4 scoop of the US Game Day, or 75% of whatever gets you your best performance.

Unfortunately, as well as having a slightly weaker showing with intensity and pump. MAN’s international pre-workout also falls a bit behind in energy. We could actually go as far as saying the energy in the supplement is somewhat average. It is still noticeable, even better than a lot of unedited competitors. Although seeing as it has to be compared to the US Game Day, it is a bit of a let down. You will feel the kick, and enjoy the boost in energy for the span of an average session. But it’s not the wake up call you get from the American edition, or anywhere near the original’s freight train like power that steams you through your workout.

While fans outside America may not be looking forward to their local Game Day. We must admit we are being rather picky with the product. It does fall down in the areas that make MAN’s US version shine. Although even with it’s weaker effects, it is still one of the better pre-workouts you will find. As a matter of fact if the modified supplement was any other brand’s regular formula, it would have a place in our top 10 list. Putting it’s pros and cons aside, the main thing that impresses us is that the product comes close to the original. We see and sample far too many pre-workouts that have been reformulated to increase their reach, with very little care gone into them, and just the banned ingredients removed. In the case of Game Day you can tell that was not what happened, with one look at it’s facts panel confirming the effort and two scoops showing it.

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