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Loss of Pure PF3 not affecting Game Day, MAN keeping key pre-workout ingredient

MAN promise PF3 in Game Day for around a year

A question that has popped up a number of times since MAN’s Pure PF3 prescription only news. Is that seeing as the key ingredient in the real game changer is no longer available, will it also be removed from the brand’s pre-workout Game Day? Based on the fact that it is a common question we figured we would officially post the answer, and as it turns out the answer is no, or at least not immediately. According to MAN they have plenty of the signature Game Day feature stocked up, enough to fuel production for around a year. For those that are curious about what will happen when that year comes around, at the moment there is no word on whether or not the brand will reformulate their pre-workout. With that said when PF3 is eventually removed, we can’t imagine MAN not doing their best to make sure the product maintains it’s position as one of the best in the business. Especially after seeing how much effort they put in to their international Game Day to send the chart topping experience overseas.

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