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First major retailer to stock up & coming brand, Muscle Elements now available at Tiger Fitness

Muscle Elements supplements now available at Tiger Fitness

After we posted our top rated review of AmiN.O. Flow, we knew there would be a few people wanting to know where to get Muscle Elements supplements. While previously the answer was not at any major retailer just yet, we can now say that the brand are available at Tiger Fitness. From what we can see it is the first popular place to be listing all of Muscle Element’s products with PreCre, LeanWorks, 212 and of course our now number one amino formula, AmiN.O. Flow. The supplements have all been valued a bit above $30, with each item priced at $34.99, except for the stimulant powered fat burner 212 sitting at $33.99. Unfortunately Tiger Fitness don’t have any launch specials going on with any of the products at the moment. However like with a lot of brands and supplements, once one major store starts selling them. Everyone else soon catches on, and that’s when we start seeing some nice promotions.

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