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More than just a pretty limited edition label, Cytosport caffeinate fifth 14oz Muscle Milk

Cytosport's limited edition Muscle Milk 14oz RTD cafe latte

Limited edition isn’t something Cytosport are unfamiliar with, and is also something that can be seen in the release of their latest Muscle Milk RTD. Previously the premixed supplement in it’s 14oz size could be found in a total of five flavors, banana crème, cookies ‘n crème, chocolate, strawberries ‘n crème and vanilla crème.

Joining that menu, and presumably only temporarily taking it to a total of six, is café latte. While the limited edition option does offer fans an alternative taste in a slightly more attractive bottle, Cytosport have also set it apart from the rest by caffeinating it. Despite the fact that the brand have yet to confirm how long the variant will be available for. With very few stores currently listing it. You should have plenty of time to try it out and decide whether or not it’s worth stocking up on.

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