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Sequel pre-workout same price as predecessor, MuscleMeds NO Bull XMT arrving everywhere

MuscleMeds pre-workout sequel NO Bull XMT now available everywhere

One of MuscleMeds many supplements they’ve released this year is their pre-workout sequel or pre-workout reformulation, NO Bull XMT. In short the brand made just a few changes to the product’s predecessor, seeing a shuffling in serving size and exchange of eNoxide for Peak ATP. Over the past few weeks the the supplement has popped up in one or two places, however it is now showing up everywhere. For those MuscleMed’s fans wondering what the minor modifications were going to cost you, NO Bull XMT is available for roughly the same price as the original. In fact compared to the values we can remember, as well as the ones still online, XMT actually seems to be identical in cost. For now nobody appears to have landed any exclusive flavors or been spotted with any new tastes. Seeing most stores stocking the same two previewed flavors, lemon ice and fruit punch in the one 20 serving tub.

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