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Strong menu for new Muscletech pre-workout, SX-7 energizer #Shatter bringing four flavors

Flavors and sizes of Muscletech's SX-7 pre-workout #Shatter confirmed

With all that Muscletech have had going on lately in their Essential Series, few Performance additions and now the SX-7 line. There has been very little time to detail some of the minor details along the way. The one we feel is necessary to go back to is the recently revealed SX-7 pre-workout #Shatter. While it’s title is definitely the more interesting one out of seven supplements from the latest Muscletech collection, it is also the one with the widest variety of options. In total the powder product is set to arrive in four flavors, fruit punch blast, blue raspberry explosion, watermelon fusion and icy pink lemonade. The first one of that list fruit punch, is also going to be used as the only flavor available for #Shatter’s 30 serving tub. A volume that will of course be cheaper than the regular 50 serve, but cost you about 15% extra per scoop. If you are wondering when #Shatter and the other SX-7s are going to drop. The Muscletech series is actually expected to be expanding this week, with GNC already listing some of the upcoming supplements online.

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