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Exclusive Prodigy XT coming to Prometeus, PNI pre-workout updated for European market

New international exclusive PNI Prodigy XT

PNI’s flagship product, the pre-workout supplement Prodigy, has shown up in an alternatively colored and titled tub. The new supplement features the name Prodigy XT, and is a reformulated version of the energizing product designed just for distribution throughout Europe. While we don’t know everything about the contents of the reworked supplement. We do know that it is not just an internationally friendly Prodigy, with the removal of dendrobium joined by a few other changes. Unfortunately if you are an American fan of PNI and their pre-workout, you won’t have the opportunity to purchase Prodigy XT, unless of course you leave the country. At this point we’re unsure anyway if the somewhat sequel formula is going to be worth catching a plane for. Although for those of you within the reach of PNI’s distributor Prometeus. You’ll only need to head out to your local retailer to get a hold of the new Prodigy XT when it arrives

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