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AminoLinx menu taken to four with mango, Pro Supps BCAA formula labeled like Vanish

Pro Supps reveal a fourth AminoLinx flavor with Vanish like label

Following the launch of Pro Supps protein efforts IncrediBulk and PS Whey, as well as the return of the fan favorite Pure Karbolyn. The brand have confirmed the coming of fresh new flavor for their BCAA and EAA based supplement AminoLinx. Currently the product stands with just three traditional options lemonade, fruit punch and watermelon, a set soon to be joined by another common taste mango. Pro Supps previewed the fourth AminoLinx flavor over the weekend at the Dallas Europa, although the new taste was not the only thing different. The supplement was on display with a Vanish like label, suggesting that it’s either just the amino and fat burner soon to be standing out in the Pro Supps line up. Or, the brand are going to apply the more eye catching red, white and chrome theme to the rest of their range. While word is not yet official on any kind of rebranding, AminoLinx’s fourth is confirmed with release expected sometime soon.

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