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Lower Sugar bar lowered even more, Promax reintroduce chocolate mint with honey peanut

Promax introduce two new flavors for their Lower Sugar protein bars

The last thing we saw from Promax Nutrition was a new flavor for their flagship protein bar with greek yoghurt honey nut. The high protein snack brand are at it again with another addition or this time around additions, both going to Promax’s flagship spin off, the Lower Sugar bar. The two new options joining peanut butter cookie dough, chocolate fudge and peanut butter chocolate, are honey peanut and chocolate mint. While honey peanut is an entirely new taste, one Promax fans won’t be familiar with. Chocolate mint is actually a flavor the brand used to offer for their regular protein bar, but discontinued it some time ago. The latest releases from Promax are expected to be hitting shelves soon, and to make their arrival that little more interesting. Chocolate mint and honey peanut will bring a whole new meaning to their Lower Sugar title, with 3g of sugar per bar as opposed to the other variant’s 9g, as well as roughly 25% less carbohydrates.

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