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SAN put together yet another individual, DHEA latest single ingredient supplement

SAN Nutrition's latest individual ingredient Micronized DHEA

SAN Nutrition, the supplement company more known and noticed for their individual ingredient releases as of late. Have put together yet another straightforward formula with Micronized DHEA. As you may have guessed by it’s title, the product’s one and only feature is micronized DHEA dosed at 50mg per capsule, with a total of 90 veggie capsules a bottle. In the area of value SAN are looking to put their latest supplement on shelves with a price tag somewhere in between 10 and $20. If for some reason that does seem a little pricey or you aren’t willing to invest that amount of money. The brand have conveniently produced a one third size bottle of Micronized DHEA, packing 30 veggie capsules valued a bit less than half the 90 count. For now no SAN stockist appears to be listing the basic product, although if you are eager and money isn’t an issue. The brand do already have it available on their official website.

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