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Flavor review of 100% Beef Concentrate menu, Scitec Nutrition’s almond chocolate best in the beef business

Flavor review of Scitec Nutrition's 100% Beef Concentrate

Over the past few months Scitec Nutrition have previewed, revealed and released three beef protein formulas. 100% Hydrolyzed Beef Isolate, 100% Beef Concentrate and the mass gainer 100% Beef Muscle. Fortunately for us Scitec were kind enough to send over samples of the Concentrate variant, giving us a small taste of the beef protein product. The three flavors we have up for review today are caramel vanilla, raspberry cream and almond chocolate. With surprisingly one of those tastes coming out as one of the best in the beef business, and managing to hide that familiar watery beef consistency.

We’re going to start off with caramel vanilla, easily the strongest tasting one of the three, however it is also the one we would prefer not to go back to. The title of the flavor is a combination of two tastes, caramel and vanilla. Unfortunately you don’t see too much vanilla in the variant, as it is quite caramel dominated. So much so you may want to call it caramel toffee. It’s leading taste is rather thick, although not in regards to the weight of the mixture but it’s follow through and strong caramel flavoring. If you’re not a fan of not so sweet caramel or toffee, it may be best to avoid this one. As even if you do get past the first sip, the after taste comes on slightly stronger resulting in a relatively bland experience.

Next on the list is raspberry cream, which for us comes in second for Beef Concentrate, depending of course on your preference. Regardless of placing the raspberry flavoring in the variant is definitely noticeable, with an extremely sweet and direct taste to it. The flavor hits you right from the first sip, seeing the watery consistency of the beef protein amplify the raspberry taste. There isn’t actually a raspberry, strawberry or any berry protein we could compare it to, with the closest example we could draw being real raspberry juice.

The last one of the three is our favorite, almond chocolate. Scitec have essentially taken the dense flavoring from caramel vanilla, toned it down a bit. Changed the lead taste to chocolate, and mixed in a dash of almond, creating a very dark chocolate like recipe. Initially almond chocolate does have a sweet hint to it, however once it goes down the rich chocolate experience takes over. Making it barely believable that the flavor from the first split second was even apart of what it ended up tasting like. While the flavor is quite interesting and definitely the best one of the three Beef Concentrates. The more important thing is, almond chocolate actually manages to disguise that signature beef protein taste.

Overall Scitec’s 100% Beef Concentrate has one or two flavors similar to what you’d expect from your usual watery beef formula. The stand out is of course the almond chocolate, not just because it separates itself from the other two with it’s dark chocolate taste. But also because it’s the only one of the three that doesn’t taste like your average bland beef protein powder. The raspberry cream is easily the sweetest one of them all, although if we had to pick raspberry would be in second, with caramel vanilla cemented in last place.

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