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4D Nutrition’s latest individual detailed, Tribulus 800 turns out exactly as expected

4D Nutrition detail their previously previewed Tribulus 800

4D Nutrition recently detailed all their upcoming supplements, covering the two premixed carnitine formulas. The individuals Pro Beta Alanine and L-Carnitine 1000, and the complex products, Amino and Hydro Matrix. Along with the big reveal 4D also previewed another white label individual supplement, Tribulus 800. While the product did give away it’s entire formula in it’s title, the brand have posted it’s official list of contents. Confirming an 800mg dose of tribulus terrestris extract (standardized to 45%) per capsule, with each bottle of the supplement packing a total of 90 capsules. As far as price goes, 4D’s Tribulus 800 has yet to hit shelves, so we won’t have an idea on value until it does. But based on what else the brand have to offer and their prices, it is going to be quite competitive.

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