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American Muscle reformulation a success, Havok picks up where predecessor left off and then some

Review of American Muscle's updated pre-workout Havok

American Muscle have updated a number their supplements this year, two of them being their pre-workouts Havok and Warpath. The one we fortunately got given to review was the first of the two to launch, the more concentrated and stimulant based formula Havok. We have had experience with the product in the past, as we did review the previous version more than one year ago. Today we are going to update our opinion of the American Muscle energizer, as the supplement has definitely come through just like the brand promised, new and improved.

The original Havok we felt was a little bit average, it delivered a strong dose of energy and endurance, with a pinch of pump. While the updated American Muscle product definitely looks like an entirely different formula, it does feature very much the same effects but in slightly stronger doses. Starting off with the energy, it is still one of the most noticeable highlights in the supplement. It comes on at around about the same time as the classic beta-alanine pins and needles side effect. Which for those who appreciate the inclusion of the ingredient, it does seem to be present at a high amount. Getting back to the energy, it is not an overly intense dose. It drops in quite quickly, waking you up almost immediately and getting you to the level you need to be at to train. The one catch is that it’s tone does not change throughout your workout maintaining it’s strength, however that is not to be viewed as a problem. As just like it’s predecessor the sequel pre-workout holds it’s respected hit of energy for a substantial amount of time. So much so that you may find yourself reaching that 60 minute with plenty left in the tank.

The second area we believe the last Havok over delivered in, and American Muscle improved on is pump. While it definitely wasn’t the star of the show in the previous version, the brand have made it quite the effect in the 2014 edition. The product’s pump like most, kicks in once you get through a couple of exercises and sets. It isn’t anything intense like the dedicated formulas offering top notch fullness and focus powered pumps. It’s more or less an amplification of a natural pump. The argument could be made that the pump the supplement features could be gained without it. Which to some extent is correct, the product however will get you there faster. It eventually creates a pump that is on a few levels above what you could achieve on your own, all while making the effect feel self produced.

As mentioned American Muscle’s reformulation does take what it was previously good at and run with it, as well as bring in some of the things Havok was missing in it’s first outing. The two other major effects it was missing are intensity and focus. The upgraded supplement doesn’t exactly hit them out of the park, although it does have them make a small cameo, adding to the whole pre-workout experience and making the product an all round performer. In regards to their effectiveness the intensity doesn’t get five stars, as there isn’t a huge amount of it. There is enough though to have you re-energized and ready to go for your next set within a definite decrease in rest periods. To add to the effect, Havok’s comfortable energy helps amplify the intensity by keeping it low key. You will find yourself quietly motivated to head back for your next set. As opposed to much more intense levels where you send yourself back for another set long before your body’s actually refueled.

The other new feature in ’14 Havok is focus, and like the pump it’s not a major highlight in the supplement. Based on the star system the bonus effect would probably score about a one to two out of five. With that said don’t let that take anything away from the product’s focus, as despite it being relatively weak it fits in with Havok’s overall performance. On some occasions it is at such a small amount you may even miss it, however when it is felt. Which is mostly in the early stages of it’s experience when the energy, pump and inkling of intensity are not in full swing. It does do a great job at setting your mind straight and getting you going. If you do intend to rely on the focus, don’t expect a showing when you’re feeling a bit tired or worn down. As even though the new Havok’s energy has been improved and will get anyone off the couch at two scoops. The updated Havok’s bonus focus effect can be easily drowned and overpowered.

All in all we have to say American Muscle’s reformulated Havok is quite the surprise. To be honest after reading back over our previous review and looking at the upgraded supplement’s facts panel, we didn’t think it was going to be much of an improvement. Today we are happy to say that the ’14 Havok is a lot more than just a retouched formula. The brand have come through for their fans giving them amplified variants of the original’s effects. As well as deliver an all round experience to look forward to, throwing in intensity and focus on top of the reliable energy and pump. The combination will have no problem pleasing current American Muscle followers, but more importantly future followers. An audience that just got a whole lot bigger with Havok’s increased range of effects and level of competitiveness.

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