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Website update brings nicer navigation, Isolator Fitness modernize their online presence

Isolator Fitness update their website with a much more navigation driven design

Isolator Fitness, the company behind the Six Pack Bag alternative, the IsoBag. Have put together an entirely new theme for their website, remodeling their online presence from the ground up. Gone is the misplaced welcome slider and slightly dated layout, with the brand welcoming in a fresh new modern site design. All of the original’s areas appear to have been kept, as well as the well organized products section. Aside from the major color changes and slightly different division placements, the navigation is where Isolator have made the most modifications. As the updated website now features a much more efficient menu, with a lot of focus on driving you to the brand’s product section or least encouraging you to have a look. If you would like to check out the upgraded Isolator site for yourself, the address has remained the same at

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