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Isolator Fitness about to go from meal bags to supplements

isolator supplements

We’ve seen a lot of major fitness celebrities get into the business of supplements over the past year or so, names such as Kai Greene, Dana Linn Bailey, and very soon, CT Fletcher with his Iron Addicts line. What we haven’t seen much of, if any at all, are accessory brands getting into supplements. Isolator Fitness, the maker of the ISObag, has just announced that it is doing exactly that very soon.

Isolator has dropped a sneak peek at its upcoming supplement line that looks like it’s going to have quite the range of formulas. Looking at its preview image we can confirm that the brand is going to have at least six supplements when it launches, with two presumably fairly basic, and the other four a lot more complex. The items are the nighttime fat burner Night Tone, the day time fat burner Euphoric Burn, the pre-workouts Pump + Focus and Epic Energy, and lastly, the basic sounding products, Fish Oil and CLA.

At the moment we do only have the names and categories of the six Isolator supplements, so we don’t yet know what the formulas are like or how good everything is until we get more information. Fortunately, it looks like all of the line’s details will be coming next week, as it appears that is when they’re all going to be released.

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