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Komodo tease Visceral Response follow up, pump pre-workout Vaskular coming soon

Komodo confirm their next new supplement the pump formula Vaskular

Komodo Nutraceuticals, the brand behind the popular pre-workout Katana and the more recently released fat burner Visceral Response. Have revealed their next supplement release, with a formula set to enter the trending pump pre-workout category. The appropriate name of the upcoming product confidently promoting massive pumps, extreme endurance, and supreme strength is Vaskular. While the title of the supplement is more than fitting with it’s stylized misspelling, Komodo have yet to reveal what will be powering the product. Alternatively they have confirmed numbers of the unknown ingredients in Vaskular at 3g, 2.5g, 2.5g, 1g, 200mg and 100mg, leaving fans to guess the contents of the pump pre-workout based on dose. For those that don’t like guessing games, fortunately the supplement’s features aren’t going to be a mystery for long. As Komodo have said they will be announcing the ingredients of Vaskular building up to it’s launch, which is expected to be sometime soon.

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