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Komodo launch latest with first basic, Visceral Response hits Get Ripped for $35

Komodo Nutraceuticals launch their new fat burner Visceral Response

Komodo Nutraceuticals the brand we introduced back in the beginning of May, have now launched the supplement they promised all those weeks ago. The latest addition to the Get Ripped stocked line is Visceral Response, Komodo’s first entry into the world of weight loss. With the arrival of the $34.99 fat burner has of course come the reveal of it’s formula, confirming a list of seven transparently dosed ingredients. Featuring highlights such as 35mg of higenamine, 45mg of yohimbe bark and 150mg of caffeine per two capsule serving. Alongside the release of Visceral, Komodo have dropped their first individual ingredient product, Betaine Anhydrous. A basic supplement that is set to be followed by another individual next week in L-Citrulline. While you can still go to Get Ripped to read all about and purchase Komodo’s products, the brand do also now have a website dedicated to their line, where you can pretty much do all the same things.

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