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Magnum follow up on their December preview, transparently dosed amino Hi-5 on it’s way

Magnum Nutraceuticals latest supplement Hi-5 detailed

The last time we saw something new from Magnum Nutraceuticals, was with their 2013 released Rocket Science. It now appears that we are in for another launch as the brand have revealed their next new supplement Hi-5. If you can remember back to last year in December there was a fruit punch flavored formula previewed, one which we believe was in fact Hi-5. In the post we also guessed that the mystery product could be an amino cocktail, and as it turns out that is exactly what Magnum’s latest is. The zero carb and calorie Hi-5 is said to be transparently dosed, and while we don’t know exact numbers. The supplement has been confirmed to feature HICA, l-carnitine-l-tartrate, ornithine, arginine, glutamine, taurine, lysine, glycine, alanine, rhodiola rosea root, astragalus, cordyceps, beet root extract, and of course BCAAs. If you are wondering what the relevance of the title’s number five is, it is actually in relation to Hi-5’s ability to deliver it’s effects in five unique complimentary ways. As for the release of Magnum’s flavored formula, there has yet to be an official date set, although it is expected sometime next month.

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